A blog is born!

Hello bloggy world!

I decided to make the jump and take the time to create my own blog, instead of merely lurking on all of your blogs!
I’ve been a dedicated GoogleReader user for the past few months, and I’m hooked. I read over 100 blog entries per day, most of which are food-related, some vegan, and all awesome.

I’m KJ. I’m a student right now, and I’ve been a vegan for almost 4 years now (my, how time flies!)
I became a vegan when I was 17, after doing a lot of research and discovering just what goes on in the slaughterhouses and dairy farms, as well as how animal products can affect our bodies negatively. I’ve never turned back, and I’ve never been healthier or more satisfied with the food our good Lord gave us!
I love perusing foodie blogs for weird and ingenious ideas and recipes, and my oh my, foodie blogs NEVER fail to deliver!
I dabble in various forms of exercise, such as running, biking, hiking (!), incline training (the bomb) and the occasional swim. I love to dance, although my skills are severely lacking!


I started this blog with a bit of intimidation because all of the blogs I follow are so fabulous, but I can say honestly that I don’t aspire to have thousands of readers per day. I hope to develop this blog into something that I can be proud of, but I have no intentions of making it a full-time job!

As I get started I know that I have SO much to learn, and I’ll be very sparse with pictures for awhile, until I can put them up without too much embarrassment, but I promise that after I get the hang of this I’ll be way more generous with the photos.

I almost feel like my life isn’t exciting enough to share, but who knows?!  One man’s boring is another man’s …..treasure?

Bring it.


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  1. 1

    Hey KJ,
    I’m liking the sound of your blog already. Best of luck my friend…and yes, you must try the oatgurt. 😉

    • 2

      kyko said,

      Thankyou! And I have tried the oatgurt! I did it the thick bready way that you reccomended, and it was fab. I even introduced my mom to it! My digestion was great after that. I need to make another batch 🙂

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