Have yourself a merry merry hump day

Well, today was one of those days.
I ate my usual oat pumpkin concoction for breakfast, then got all ready for a workout.
I did 35 minutes on the treadmill with my friend, the weighted vest, equipped with 6 extra pounds of punishment. I switched the incline back and forth from 8% to 10%, speed 3mph.
After that I figured I might as well fill out a full hour of butt-beating, so I hopped on our recumbent bike and pedaled away for 25 minutes. I really love working out, but only because of one factor – music. I exert myself more with fast tempo songs!


After that I showered and watched The View (for Valerie Bertinelli!), studied/ caught up on Google reader (Ok, more blog reading than studying :x) then prepped a simple lunch of Brussels sprouts + tofu + hummus.

I caught up with my mom afterwards, who had just made some popcorn with stevia and cinnamon, so I happily stole some of that as well 🙂 What can I say?


Then I headed off to Pilates.

I guess my body doesn’t like hour long cardio adventures in such close proximity to Pilates class, because I felt SO WEAK today. The open leg rollbacks were nigh impossible, and my legs were shaking through all the seated movements (saw etc.). My body is adapting to Pilates, but at it’s own pace. When I first started this semester, I remember thinking that I’d NEVER be able to complete a rollup, because my abs are that weak. But it only made me more determined to work on my strength once I discovered how absolutely feeble I was. I began working the rollup with a towel under my back for a “boost”, and now I can do them slowly and deliberately.
I’m one of those people who becomes very, very determined if something is presented as a big challenge to me. A history teacher once told our whole class that no one was going to be able to get an A, because he graded so hard. Well you bet your butts that I worked my tail off and I GOT that A.

After Pilates I headed off to market to refill my bar stash and get some “vegan candy bars” for Halloween gifts. I got a larabar variety that I’ve never tried before, along with a Clif Builder’s Bar that I had the chance to sample at the Disneyland 5k that I completed in September.


Am I the only one who considers these bars a huge treat instead of a supplement or meal replacer?

I also got:
A bag of lentils
an eggplant
Kashi Honey Sunshine (I had a coupon!)
a 3 lb. bag of organic gala apples for $3
Honey crisp apples were $.77 cents / lb!!!! I got a bunch.
Brussels sprouts
Green lettuce
bell peppers
Garnet yams ($.77 cents/ lb too!)

The cashier thinks I’m crazy already, because I buy such huge quantities of things like oat bran, apples, cocoa powder, lentils, brown rice, bananas…

I just loaded up the fridge, and now I feel a nap coming on.




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