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Hola chicos!

Today was my long (LONG) day at school, and I must say that it really took it out of me.

I woke to my current repeat breakfast (yes, it was pumpkin oats. I must finish the can of pumpkin somehow!), and watched The Biggest Loser with my mom while sipping green tea. I’m completely addicted to TBL and was destroyed when they chose ______ to go home, instead of ________.

I started watched TBL about…4 or 5 seasons ago, and I am now a loyal audience member. The stories never cease to be inspiring, and sometimes some real hotties  join the show. I ❤ mike. Still. To this day. It’s my crazy random TV crush. Sue me.
While I don’t love the never-ending drama, and I sometimes find the tear-fests a bit scripted and disingenuous, I love seeing real people, dealing with real issues, and changing their lives. So many people in this world are so afraid to change, and never make that first step into something better. The newest path is always the scariest, but sometimes you’re so low, you have no where to go but up.

After sleeping  paying attention for 3 hours, I was starved and very, very sleepy. I had snuck an apple in during the 10 minute break to tide me over, and I’m glad I did because I think I might have eaten the desk otherwise.
Lunch was PB&J (you’ll be seeing a lot of these for school lunches!) and some carrots.

Once home I whipped up a coffee concoction and flipped through textbooks absentmindedly while watching last night’s ANTM (the southern gal is my fav!), followed by a fresh Honeycrisp apple doused in coconut milk PBU.

Dinner is on my mind, but before I get to that I have some blog work to do (because I’m a noob and this is a MAJOR work in progress, it won’t be fancy too soon (or maybe ever!) along with some majaahh studying for a midterm on Saturday : (

I’ll be one HAPPY girl once that is over.


What is the best diet epiphany that you’ve ever had?
Mine was when I realized that you cannot expect to diet yourself down to the weight you want, and then go back to eating the way you were before. This is more aimed at junk food eaters (Moi, several years ago.)
I had this idea in my head that I could lose weight and then go back to eating the way I was eating before: the way that caused me to gain weight in the first place!
I know I’m not the only person on the planet who thought that way.

It wasn’t until I educated myself on calories in vs. calories out, and basic human nutrition that I realized how simple the equation was.

If something wasn’t working for you before, why would you expect it to work for you later?


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    balanceinbites said,

    I’ve been a little worried that once I hit my goal weight, I will end up gaining some back, even though I know logically that I can’t go back to the way I once ate. I’m afraid it will just…. happen. I guess that’s kind of messed up. I can make sure it doesn’t happen! It’s not like I have no control over what I put in my mouth (although occasionally it seems that way >.<)

    -Allison (www.balanceinbites.com)

    • 2

      kyko said,

      I understand that feeling, and I think it’s valid. Whatever good habits I have now, I’ve had them for maybe 4 years, whereas my BAD habits? I had those for the whole rest of my life. I don’t fear going back to junk food at all – but I understand the fear of gaining weight back.

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