How NOT to start a blog


So, with all of the food blogs that I read, I WAS inspired to start my own….but I didn’t give it enough thought. I’m of the mindset that mimicry is the greatest form of flattery – but it doesn’t quite work that way in the blog world.
I’ve decided that it will take time to get my own style and voice for blogging, but I’m willing to try. It could be a really slow start, but I think it will be worth it.

For right now, I’m going to list the things that I did/ discovered in 2009.

1) I kept running. After running 2 (slow!) 5K’s with my family, I had a rough time getting back into the flow of things, and I wasn’t motivated, especially with whatever undiagnosed hip issues that I’m having. But I signed up for 2 more races, completed them, and now I find myself registered for a HALF MARATHON!!!

2) I cemented my decision to major in French. I’m the WORST decision maker EVER. If you give me too many options, I FREEZE. I have similar problems in grocery stores. If the wall of shiny products is too tall or crammed, I have to stand there for minutes, overwhelmed before I decide on anything.

3) I tried new foods. Kale chips always eluded me. I wasn’t a fan of nutritional yeast. Oat bran? What? Pumpkin IN my oatmeal? But all of those foods have somehow fought their way into my favorites list.

4) I fought some of my old fears. I have a secret. Well, not after this, it won’t be, but …..I’m KJ, and I’m afraid of  driving. Not sure why, how, from whence this came….but I really don’t like driving. I still don’t. But I didn’t give up, and I drove a couple places BY MYSELF.

What I hope for in 2010:

1) Complete 1/2 marathon!!

2) perfect my treadmill desk. I’m using it as we speak!

3) become fluent (more fluent?) in French.

4) Learn more spanish.

5) Master Pilates Mat II

6) Make more friends. I’m a pretty closed off person (due to shyness), but I’m trying to chip that away (a little!) and be more welcoming.

That’s all for now! But I promise to find my OWN groove in this blogging world, readers or not.
Happy 2010!


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